The BikeTag Project Presents

BikeTag The Game (IRL)

BikeTag is a mystery photo tag game on bicycles

A Worldwide Game of BikeTag

The BikeTag Project’s mission is to support the game of BikeTag and make it easy for anyone and everyone to play the game of BikeTag in their city.

BikeTag Games exist in cities all over the world. These games exist in various forms, formats, and venues predating the BikeTag Project on the internet but they all center around one thing: get out there on your bike and take a picture of something beautiful!

BikeTag can also be played through the BikeTag Project’s free and open-source offering: BikeTag.Org. The BikeTag Platform uses different services on the open internet for sharing your BikeTag Posts with the world. No account is required to play BikeTag and there will never be any ads or private data collected and sold for profit.

The NEW BikeTag App

The BikeTag App was originally built as a website and tool for the playing of BikeTag games on Reddit. At, you can still see the dashboard of all currently running games of BikeTag and get a link to each city’s BikeTag App.

The BikeTag App allows anyone and everyone to play the game for a given city. All of the games are fully open and available for anyone to play, without needing to log into anything. The newly developed BikeTag App is an evolution of four years of work on the BikeTag Platform by developer and co-founder Ken Eucker.

You can download the BikeTag App to your phone using Chrome on Android or by using Safari on iOS and the “add to homescreen” feature. The App works offline but requires the internet for you to upload the photos and play the current round.

Install BikeTag by using the add to homescreen feature

Showcasing BikeTag Games all over the world

From Portland, Oregon to Vienna, Austria and back again to Indianapolis, Indiana and over to Paris, France and more!

What Do You Have To Say?

Join our slack channel to have discussions with other players in your region.

Do you want to get involed with the BikeTag Project?

We’re an entirely volunteer-driven organization that promises to never monetize, exploit, or share information of those who visit any of the BikeTag websites or BikeTag Player who uses the BikeTag App. We welcome anyone and everyone who loves the game of BikeTag and wants to participate in its evolution to get involved by either playing BikeTag, becoming a BikeTag Ambassador, or even using all our open-source code to build and run your own BikeTag Game!

Of course, you can also donate to the BikeTag Project on Patreon or GitHub with all the monopoly money you want. See the links below to participate in the way that inspires you!

Miami BikeTag #14

BikeTag Ambassador Program

Do you really like keeping tabs on the game and want to help it run smoohtly in your city? Become a BikeTag Ambassador in your region!

Indianapolis BikeTag #49

Contribute to the BikeTag Project

This website, the app, and all of the other BikeTag endeavors cost money, unfortunately. Our time is priceless but the time spent using servers costs between $10-20/month. You can support the BikeTag Project on Patreon or GitHub.

Vienna BikeTag #8

Run a BikeTag of your own

This project was started as an open source code repository on GitHub.Com. The entirety of the BikeTag platform lives on, there, and you can host/run the software if you are so inclined. We also have a developer API that you can use to develop your own version of the BikeTag App!