BikeTag ~ WorldWide


The photo tag game on bicycles

A Worldwide Game

BikeTag games exist in a lot of major cities across the world. These games exist in various forms, formats, and venues but they all center around one thing: get out there on your bike and take a picture of something beautiful!

Discover the BikeTag App

The BikeTag App, at, allows anyone and everyone to play the game for a given city. Some of the games are fully open and available for anyone to play, some are read only as they are being played without using the BikeTag App. If you want to learn more about how you can use the BikeTag App in your city, reach out to us!

Showcasing BikeTag games all over the world

From Portland, Oregon to Vienna, Austria and back again to Indianapolis, Indiana and more!

Games started just in the last year

We get contacted every week by someone who just heard about BikeTag and wants to start playing in their city. We help anyone get started with playing BikeTag on our platform as long as they have the time to dedicate to making sure it continues on and that the community can reach out for help.

What Do You Have To Say?

Join our slack channel to have discussions with other players in your region.

Do you want to get involed with the BikeTag Team?

We’re an entirely volunteer run organization that promises to never monetize, exploit, or share information of those who visit any of the BikeTag websites or uses the BikeTag App.

Miami BikeTag #14

BikeTag Ambassador Program

Do you really like keeping tabs on the game and want to help it run smoohtly in your city? Become a BikeTag Ambassador in your region!

Indianapolis BikeTag #49

Contribute to the BikeTag Project

This website, the app, and all of the other BikeTag endeavors cost money, unfortunately. Our time is priceless but the time spent using servers costs between $10-20/month. You can support the BikeTag Project on Patreon or GitHub.

Vienna BikeTag #8

Run a BikeTag of your own

This project was started as an open source code repository on GitHub.Com. The entirety of the BikeTag platform lives on, there, and you can host/run the software if you are so inclined. We also have a developer API that you can use to develop your own version of the BikeTag App!

What do you think?

Is BikeTag really this cool?

There’s sure a lot of work going on around this project, but what’s the catch? I don’t know, you tell me.