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BikeTag is Jammin’

BikeTag is an entirely free and open-source project that is on GitHub for open collaboration and graciously hosted by Netlify on their free open-source plan. The BikeTag Platform 2.0 is hosted on Netlify and takes advantage of as many online services as possible in order to scale at a low cost for the grassroots and…

BikeTag Terms Of Service

Intent The BikeTag Project aims to be the register of BikeTag Games all over the world, providing BikeTag Images for players on various platforms to enjoy through those platforms, as well as through BikeTag Project websites and applications. BikeTag is a social game that is played in real life and shared with others with the…

BikeTagOrg is no longer in the cookiejar

BikeTag.Org, for it’s short time in development since 2018, has used google tag manager and google analytics to load and track user traffic on our site. These products install cookies into the browser, which was recently legislatively regulated in Eastern parts of the world to require the use of consent banners for such cookies. When…

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