About The BikeTag Project

The BikeTag Project is made up of volunteers who play the game of BikeTag in their city and also want to help keep the game going. Brought together by their love for Bike Fun, this group of volunteers maintain the BikeTag.Bike and BikeTag.Org websites for all to enjoy.

We want anyone with a bicycle, camera, and internet connection to participate.

Evan White discovered BikeTag in 2018 and became instantly hooked. While combining qualities of urban exploration, art photography, exercise, friendly competition, and community, the game needed accessibility for everyone to play and enjoy.

“BikeTag is a brilliant idea that I wish to share with my enthusiasm.”

Evan White
Ken Eucker

Let’s make BikeTag easy for anyone to use and fun for everyone to enjoy.

Ken Eucker started working on the BikeTag app with Evan in the very beginning of this journey, back in 2018. What it has grown into now, in just a short amount of time, is a connection of the love for cycling in urban areas and taking photos of the beautiful things around all over the world.

“It’s a fun game that gets people exploring the world, I’m happy to be a part of such a wonderful gift.”

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