BikeTag is Jammin’

BikeTag is an entirely free and open-source project that is on GitHub for open collaboration and graciously hosted by Netlify on their free open-source plan.

The BikeTag Platform 2.0 is hosted on Netlify and takes advantage of as many online services as possible in order to scale at a low cost for the grassroots and donation-based organization that is the BikeTag Project. The architecture of the BikeTag Platform, since it’s inception 0.x-2.0, has always been in the pursuit of a “databaseless” design. That pursuit is both to separate concerns and costs, should it come to that, and to also reduce the overhead of a constantly shifting database design as the project evolved. This style of architecture is known as “Jamstack“.

Jamstack is an architecture designed to make the web faster, more secure, and easier to scale. It builds on many of the tools and workflows which developers love, and which bring maximum productivity. … The core principles of pre-rendering, and decoupling, enable sites and applications to be delivered with greater confidence and resilience than ever before.

You can read on, or, or even what Netlify has to say about Jamstack’s, but you came here to read about BikeTag!

The new BikeTag app is written in Vue3, built by Vite, and deploys serverless functions to Netlify in addition to the website code. Using the serverless functions, operations with other APIs are made via the new BikeTag API in order to get BikeTag data and play rounds of BikeTag. Because there is no database, and there is no (running) server, we rely on several different services in order to stitch the entire BikeTag experience together for BikeTag Players and BikeTag Ambassadors. Those services include:

  • Imgur – for social images and sharing BikeTag Posts
  • Reddit – for social discussions and sharing BikeTag Posts
  • Twitter – for social mentions and sharing BikeTag Posts
  • Auth0 – for social login used by BikeTag Players and BikeTag Ambassadors (w/ logins from Imgur, Reddit, Google, Discord, Twitter)
  • Croquet – for social notifications sent by BikeTag Players and BikeTag Ambassadors
  • Sanity – for structured content about BikeTag Games

You can read about the architecture and more on the biketag-vue project wiki, and stay tuned on this blog for more information about the release of the BikeTag App (2.0) to all major platforms later this year!

Published by Ken Eucker

Hello, my name is Ken. I love to design applications, write poetry, ride my bicycle, hike to hot springs, backpack through forests, take candid photographs, and talk about the intersection of technology and psychology.

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